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We are a creative house with core competency in Website Designing and Development , Digital Marketing & SEO Services , 2D & 3D Animation and Game Development .We do the best in the industry and our work speaks for itself.

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With dedicated team of professionals who creates Web Solutions, Digital Marketing Solutions and Game development.

We are a Website Development company with a dedicated team of professionals who creates web solutions that helps to promote your brand and capture the attention of visitors and achieve higher conversion rates.Our experienced designers in Pixotri are specialized in digitally transferring your brand, your values, and your vision to user friendly and attractive creative designs.
We Design and Develop Games for IOS, Android, and Windows 8.1 platforms. We pride ourselves have a great team of creative artists and developers to design, artwork, animation and programming.
Our website designs are developed using a user-centered design approach which is based on usability research involving rounds of brainstorming, rapid prototyping, and thorough user testing.Our designs are fully tested by our quality team for compatibility with multiple operating systems, screen resolutions, download speeds, and most importantly, usability.

web developement

Why Choose Us?

We have developed numerous, large scale websites and web applications. Our unique approach, philosophy, and work ethic have proven their efficiency throughout numerous projects, resulting in long lasting success. For the past years, we have been leading the Website Development industry with innovative concepts and cutting edge designs. All our work is 100% created by our team in our own development center nothing is outsourced.
Our developers use the most powerful programming languages and web development tools.When we execute a web development project, we consider the visual structure and organization every step of the way.Our development team is adept at implementing the latest web standards and programming techniques.

Our Skills

Web Development
E-Commerce Solutions
SEO Solution
Digital Marketing
2D & 3D Animations

Our Promo

Our Methodology

Pixotri Technologies uses an eight step, methodology for delivering the Web and Gaming solutions. The eight step process includes the following deliverables for the development of a high end, database driven website, and cutting edge web application featuring all the specifications as we have

  • Preliminary Research and Discovery Phase
  • Strategic Planning phase
  • Web Design and Graphic Design Work
  • Front End Programming
  • Server and side Development
  • Integration of the databases
  • Quality Assurance and Launch
  • SEO, Promotion, Statistics and Reporting

Through the eight step process we will deliver all the services designed to exceed our client's expectations and needs. Once you are a client of Pixotri Technologies, our Project Manager will communicate with you regularly and will update you on the team's progress.Each step of the process is supported by the appropriate documentation and will go through its own QA process.

Web Designing in Pixotri

Web Design


That helps to promote your brand and capture the attention of visitors and achieve higher conversion rates.

Website Design & Development

We Create Web Designs that help to promote your brand and capture the attention of visitors and achieve higher conversion rates.Our experienced designers in Pixotri are specialized in digitally transferring your brand, your values, and your vision to user friendly and attractive creative designs. Every website we design includes a Content Management System, which allows for complete control of the website's content, pages, images and navigation from an easy-to-use secure web-based administrative interface. Our Responsive Web design has he following benefits:
  • One Website, Multiple Devices : A great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes.
  • Easier to Manage : Having a separate desktop and mobile site requires having separate SEO campaigns. Managing one site and one SEO campaign is far easier than managing two sites and two SEO campaigns.This key advantage of a responsive website over a separate mobile site.
Web Development



To promote your Brand and Sell Your Product and services.

E-Commerce Solution

Our e-Commerce Website Solutions is designed to promote your Brand and Sell Your Product and services. Our e commerce solutions deliver an optimal shopping experience for the targeted prospects. Shoppers using desktop or mobile devices expect a seamless, online shopping excursion. Our solutions create fast, easy browsing and simple ordering and checkout process.

Fast & Effective Shopping Cart:
We have experience in working with Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, osCommerce, Magento, X-Cart and custom-built shopping cart applications. From our experience designing dozens of E-Commerce stores, we generally recommend open source or proprietary shopping cart software. However, each client is unique, and we will learn more about your specific needs before making a recommendation.Fully Customized Solutions.We know your business is unique and that's why we have developers that are capable of building custom solutions that can integrate with your existing business operations.

Safe and Secure:
Secure Websites Security and privacy breaches often damage company's reputations. Breaches also affect your server's operation and may lead to significant business losses. We take security as priority and will get your E-Commerce security needs covered.




Should have an Internet marketing strategy to gain competitive edge over their competitors.

Digital Marketing

In today's world every organization should have an Internet Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing Strategies to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Online Marketing strategy is an art form, raising brand awareness and in turn, increasing traffic to your website. We in Pixotri Technologies help you to strategically plan and execute your, product and services through online platforms and social media networks. Digital Marketing helps you to find yourself in first place among the other competitors.
Through different social media platforms that are available worldwide, we help you to engage and expand your audience across the web and help you to stay on top of conversations about your industry and company or about your product and services.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing
  • Understand your focus, why do you want social media for? Product Awareness? Sales? Customer Loyalty and retention? Pick one.
  • Creating a strategy by understating your demographic and psychographic characteristics of your potential customers.
  • Select your Success Metrics.
  • Recognize and promote your passion or core competence and increase your brand value.
  • To be social be human, give your company the human DNA.
What Are the Benefits?
  • Digital media have more reach and power to attract people and then turn them into business.
  • A strong Digital Media strategy can boost your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site.
  • It is also a great way to connect with your clients and promote your products to a global audience.
  • Digital Media can help establish your business as an authority in your niche and gain your customers trust.
  • Can create a short term or long term promotional campaign and promotion.


Will take your website to the top search engine results and increase your website traffic

Search Engine Optimisation Solution

Our SEO services will take your business to the top search engine results and increase your website traffic, promote leads in order to reach your goal.Our work results are measured only in your ranking and organic search traffic improvements.We can design your website, analyze your market, select keywords for optimization, rank your website in the top 10 organic results, launch Pay per Click and social media marketing campaigns, analyze results and improve conversions.
We employ a variety of proven recommended techniques to increase your chances for top rankings. These include optimizing your website's pages, content, and structure to drive traffic to your site from specific keyword searches. We also look at increasing links and traffic to your site from third party websites and sources relevant to your industry or market, as well as paid search marketing, blogs, social media and even Facebook.

Talk to our PIXOTRI Technologies SEO experts today and start receiving more clients.



Animation and motion graphics to help Brand and Product marketing

2D & 3D Animation

Animated videos help people to watch and understand what the product and services really does. People get more attracted to these animated videos rather than a contemporary real-time TV advertisements. We can produce animated explanation videos about your business, product or service and market them. Animated videos can explain about your product or service more effectively than a written text.
Animated videos can convince your customers about your products or service within 30-60 seconds before they leave your website. You also need to make sure the presentation is Creative, memorable and gets the viewer to interact with your idea.Our team of expert's works with you to take your company message and create a powerful animated marketing video that will engage viewers in the most effective way possible.
Whether it is through graphic animation to illustrate a conceptual idea, an animated tutorial or through hand-drawn characters animated to tell your story or increase your brand recognition, we have the creative energy to help give your idea the visualization it needs to get noticed!


Our Development Process:

1. We Write Your Script
2. We Create an Innovative Story Board
3. We Record a Pro Voice Over
4. We Provide Music
5. We Create Your Video

Video Marketing :

We optimize you're You Tube channel and videos so it has higher chance to appear on search results.

Why We Choose Animated Video Marketing?

There are 7 reasons for that, they are;


Cross- Platform game development.

Gaming Industry at a Glance

Confined to the Personal computers and consoles Gaming has become mainstream with the introduction of smartphones. Long gone are the days where games were played by boys and boys at heart aficionados now games are played by all regardless of age, gender, occupation. Casual games have given rise to a new era in the Gaming Industry, and more and more companies are trying to make their mark in this ever growing world.


Gaming at Pixotri Technologies

We at Pixotri Gaming Studio aim to make games that are immersive, addictive and fun to play. Using the latest in technology, we develop games for various platforms like iOS, android, windows phones, webplayer etc. Be it casual, 2D, 3D, platformer, racing or casino games, Pixotri Gaming Studios strive to create the best games out there, with our highly talented, vastly experienced work force.

The game development pipeline at Pixotri is so tailored that the games we create are market oriented, rich in features and are easily portable.